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Front L-R Universal Bankers: Rylee Toennies, Madelynn Reed, Kahre Hiles (no longer with the bank), Catherine Cowgill, and Thera Bircher
Back L-R Bookkeeper Nicole Maple, Lena McCarthy (no longer with the bank), Loan Processors Stephanie Renth and Stacy Slifka, and
Operations Specialist Amy Timmermann
(Not pictured: Universal Bankers Ryle Morris, Olivia Bingaman & Lora Dean, Loan Clerk Victoria Luitjohan, and Bookkeeper Amy Hicks)


Portrait of Steve Wallace

Steven Wallace

President & CEO
NMLS #696802

Steve has been with the bank since September of 1994 after having been in banking 17 years in another local community, most recently serving as the Bank’s President and a member of the Board of Directors.

Portrait of Christy Murphy

Christy Murphy

Vice President of Operations & CFO

Christy joined Community Bank in 2007 after having been a Bank Auditor for 7 years, Christy is in charge of Operations, Compliance, and Financial Reporting. She has successfully launched many new products and services due to her passion for continuous improvements at Community Bank.

Portrait of Kyle

Kyle Brueggemann

Vice President of Loans & CLO
NMLS #696799

Kyle is an accomplished Community Banker, with industry experience starting in 1994. He joined the bank in 2001. Loan department operations, interest rate and asset management are his primary focus. Kyle is dedicated to helping our customers, particularly local entrepreneurs, and home buyers, achieve their financial goals.

Portrait of Nick

Nicholas Lercher

Business Development Officer & AVP IT
NMLS #2437965

Joining Community Bank in 2000, Nick has contributed to various aspects of the bank including retail, operations, and loans during his tenure. Presently, he holds the position of Assistant Vice President of IT and serves as Business Development Officer.

Portrait of Heather Falconio

Heather Falconio

Business Development Officer & Universal Banker Manager
NMLS #2437999

Heather joined the bank in 2013 and has an extensive knowledge of banking products and services. She is passionate about helping people and businesses achieve their financial goals and providing them with the best possible account or loan solutions. She is committed to building long-term relationships with her clients and providing exceptional customer service.

Portrait of Ashlee O'Connell

Ashlee O’Connell

Head Universal Banker 

Ashlee joined the bank in 2022. She came to Community Bank with 3 years prior banking knowledge in different areas which has been an asset to the bank. She efficiently serves customers and assists in financial goal setting for their families. Ashlee leads and motivates the Universal Banking team in Breese to strive for the best customer service in the community.